Oil-rubbed Bronze – Hot 2015 Kitchen Trend

kitchenOil rubbed bronze has always been a favorite of many designers as they look to give a rustic look or otherwise accentuate fixtures in the heart of any home, the kitchen. However, in 2015 this looks seems to be seeing a resurgence whereby stainless steel and other sleek looks are being replaced by this solid and lasting finish. There are many ways that one can go about incorporating this into the kitchen area, from DIY methods of application to the purchasing of fixtures which already have this from the factory.

The great thing about oil rubbed bronze is that it is easy for a do-it-yourselfer to handle projects like this on their own through different techniques. There is not really a perfect consensus on what exactly constitutes a standard oil rubbed bronze finish, and as such it can be fun to experiment with these methods to achieve something unique and good looking at the same time. The easiest way to quickly change the appearance of that boring and tried bronze fixture is to use paint to achieve a that dark brown look in exchange for the standard gold. Most of the name brand manufacturers of commercial spray paint will have a primer and paint product that will give the illusion of oil rubbed bronze. Rust-Oleum and Krylon are two such companies who are known for quality paints. Signature Remodeling AZ is well known and experienced company that has built a solid reputation as a leading residential remodeling contractor.

The application of paint can be an easy solution and will provide protection from rust and other benefits, however, it is not particularly suited for fixtures which will see daily traffic and as such be prone to wear. For example, door handles might be one place where an oil rubbed spray paint just will not be sufficient if one is looking for longevity. Thankfully, there are other do-it-yourself methods which can provide an authentic finish that will stand up to such abuse. The antique aged look can be achieved on even the newest pieces of brass through the application of an aging solution developed for that purpose.

The process could probably not be more straightforward. First, it needs to be determined whether the brass piece has been lacquered. If so, then it should be soaked in lacquer thinner or otherwise have lacquer thinner applied in order to remove it. The next step is to simply clean the piece in order to prevent any fingerprints or other debris from hindering the process and then place it in a plastic container full of the solution. After soaking for a while, the finish will manifest itself and then the fixture needs to be rinsed with cold water in order to stop the chemical reaction which is causing the change in the look. One such solution which seems to have good results from anecdotal evidence of homeowners is available here: House of Antique Hardware Bronze Aging Solution.

Of course, there is always the option of purchasing stuff that already has the look, but keeping this do-it-yourself option in mind will allow a designer to source materials from a wide range of places and still get that patina look.